Monday, January 20, 2014

Different Types of Wine

A typically question to entertain when deciding to make a new wine in your microbrewery is, "Which type of wine should I make?"

Some home brewers will make the same wine over and over again trying to make that perfect batch.  Others will make a list of the various types of wine they and their friends like while others will make a list of wines they tried at a wine tasting competition.

Wine is typically made from grapes such as the concord grape wine which is made from very dark blue grapes.

Others like the Ros'e ( pronounced "rose-a") which is mostly made from red grapes.  The color of the wine is derived from the skin of the grape during the fermentation process.

Red wines are also made from red grapes.  It's all a matter of timing during the fermentation process as to how long you leave the skin of the grapes in the mix.  Cabernet Sauvignon is a great red wine and very popular with home wind makers.

Frankly, wine can be made from any fresh fruit.  Some wine makers add different types of fresh fruit in combination with grapes to create a distinctive flavor and color.

Many wine makers use a fruit concentrate instead of grapes so they can control the fermentation process better.

The style and process of home made wine is a personal choice of the wine maker.